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Sun Signs

The Archer

Nov 23 to Dec 21

Planetary Ruler:  Jupiter

Your most dominant characteristic is your vitality. You are constantly on the move and love action. You enjoy all outdoor activity and have a love of animals. Where others take their relaxation by curling up with a good book, you take yours in the form of walking the dog, riding the horse, doing aerobics, working out in the gym, attending basketball training. Your versatility and adaptability make you a good traveller.

Your independence of outlook endears you to others while your mental vigour and frank enthusiasm give you an unquenchable optimism. Overconfidence is perhaps your chief danger, for you can be lead astray far too easily by new enthusiasms. Get-rich-quick schemes could suck you in. You are volatile and tend to be in revolt against accepted ideas and practices. Your sense of humour and your kindly intentions endear you to others. You are sociable and outgoing.

You do however have a dual nature and can suffer from changeable mood states. When you are up, you are overenthusiastic. When you crash, you crash badly, and can suffer from depression. Your mood swings can be difficult for a partner to deal with. To the outside world you are the life and soul of the party. When down you can be an irritable person to live with, particularly when confined to home.

You are, in general, lucky and this encourages you to speculate in forms of gambling from buying the two-dollar scratch ticket in the newsagency to playing the pokies or backing the sure-fire winners at the race track. The trouble is you do not hedge your bets. For this reason it is advisable for you to channel your lucky streak into business ventures, where a measure of security is available.

Sagittarians can impart knowledge. You can fire up others with your enthusiasm. This means you can make a good teacher. In terms of health Sagittarians can suffer from injuries to the hips, thighs or joints. Old sporting injuries can be the source of problems in later life, bringing on the need for hip replacements and knee reconstructions.

Sagittarians born in the Southern Hemisphere can express personality traits of their opposite Zodiac sign of Gemini. Physical restlessness can be replaced by the mental restlessness of the inquiring mind, willing to explore new trends, new philosophical perspectives. Striving for balance between the physical and the mental is a keynote of both signs.


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