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Sun Signs


The Fishes

Feb 20 to Mar 20

Planetary Ruler:  Neptune



The Sun in Pisces makes you an idealist fired by the power of the imagination. You love to live on a romantic scale and are particularly susceptible to colour and movement. Inspiration and intuition play a great part in directing your actions.

The price you pay for your idealism is that you are hopelessly impractical in the conduct of everyday affairs. You are a dreamer.

You are hypersensitive, and this causes you an unnecessary amount of worry. You have a strong desire to help anyone in need, and are sometimes imposed upon by family and friends. You find it hard to say no to others, and to define your own limits. You are very sensitive to the illnesses and misfortunes of immediate family and friends, taking on their worries as though they were your own. You can appear timid, and find it difficult to stand up for your rights.

The up side of your capacity to empathise with others is that you are essentially an artistic type. Like the fish you tend to take on the colouring and the mood of your surroundings. This means that you could become an actor or actress. The capacity to take on another's role and feelings is strong in you. Other possible careers involve caring for others, such as social work.

As with all other mutable signs, there is a duality in your nature. Leaping out of the water of matter towards higher ideals is one aspect of this sign. But the fish can also be bound to the earthly or watery plane of existence. Those who are drifting with the earthbound life can get into self-undoing with too much drink, too many sexual partners, too much refusal to take responsibility for others.

In terms of health you could have problems with the feet. Pisceans tend to have smaller feet in relation to their body size than other signs. You could suffer from corns, chilblains and the like and always need to wear well-fitting, comfortable shoes. Off-the-rack purchases of footwear can often cause problems. You need to keep your feet warm and dry, or you will develop tinea or other fungal infections.

The one thing that you are renowned for is a tendency to feel sorry for yourself when ill. Resistance to pain is not a characteristic: you burst into tears easily.

Pisceans born in the Southern Hemisphere often express greater practicality than their Northern Hemisphere counterparts, because they share some of the characteristics of their opposite sign, Virgo. They can become quite 'health-faddy', refusing to eat certain foods or taking vast quantities of pills to supplement their diet. This is particularly so in middle age.


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