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Sun Signs

The Virgin

Aug 24 to Sep 23

Planetary Ruler:  Mercury


The Sun in Virgo gives you powers of acute discrimination and insight. Your intellectual dexterity and the versatility of your personality give you the ability to do well in most fields of activity. You are careful and diligent in your undertakings and have a methodical approach to both work and further study.

The quickness of your brain is allied with a cleverness of hand. As a result, your love of practical activity leads to industriousness. Many potters are born in this sign, a profession which requires both artistic judgement and deftness of hand. Even very hard work is no obstacle for you. You find great satisfaction in dissecting orders, rejecting the useless and seizing upon the most important aspects of the task at hand. You can, however, become a fault-finder.

Your critical faculty is directed not merely towards others; you are equally exacting with yourself. You are a perfectionist. Your insistence on clean and neat surroundings can give you the reputation of being a bit too clinical in your attitude to the home. Your head rules your heart, and because you expect high standards from others, it can take you a long time to decide on a suitable life partner. You are picky, and often miss out on good opportunities because of this.

The weak physical point for the Virgo is the intestines. You can be a bit of a worrier, prone to digestive upsets through having a nervy disposition. Duodenal ulcers can be a problem, so you need to live a natural life with plenty of fresh air and fresh foods. You can suffer from allergic reactions to the additives in pre-packaged foodstuffs or the sprays used on commercially grown crops.

Those born under the sign of Virgo can begin expressing the personality traits of their opposite sign Pisces as they mature. Romantic ideals can take on more importance and the capacity to express emotions and feelings for others can become easier.


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