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Sun Signs

The Crab

Jun 22 to Jul 23

Planetary Ruler:  Moon

The Sun in Cancer gives you the desire to care for others, to nurture them and mother them. You have a great deal of empathy which gives you a sensitive understanding of where others are coming from. You are generous and patient with others.

You are governed by emotions and feelings. Domesticity is important to you, as is a harmonious family life. You have a good memory for family matters and can become the custodian of your family's history. You remember the names of even distant relatives and how they connect with the current generation.

Your sensitivity to others can be problematic. You respond to other's moods, with the result that your own moods can wax and wane like the moon. You do not like conflict, so when people oppose your ideas and values, you tend to agree outwardly whilst inwardly feeling distrustful and discontented. You scuttle sideways and withdraw into your shell. When you are roused to anger you can attack by nipping or niggling at another's sore spots. Your over sensitivity to others can lead to fits of despondency which, in turn, lead to procrastination in the face of realities. You must learn to have the courage of your convictions.

Your tendency to worry can lead to problems with digestion. You should eat well-cooked food and take time over meals. You may develop fluid retention as you age, with a tendency to put on weight around the stomach. You need plenty of fresh fruit and salads. You need to work in a caring profession as a channel for your energies. Psychiatric nursing, social welfare counselling, childcare, mothercraft nursing, primary teaching are all possibilities. It is important for the male Cancerian to work with his caring nature, even if these careers are more traditionally female domains.

Although you seem to be willing to sacrifice much for others, you do count on expressions of gratitude and can get quite crabby when these are not forthcoming. This is particularly so with regard to your relationships with immediate family. Your mothering tendency can lead to smothering those closest to you. You must learn to "love without asking anything in return" and allow those you love their independence.

Those with the Sun in Cancer can be attracted to and learn from those with the Sun in Capricorn. Your contemplative and emotional nature can benefit from the hard-working practicality of your opposite sign.


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